I came home in the dark last night.
It was the Full Moon before the Ides of March
I tripped over something on the porch. in front of the door.
A basket. in a trash sack

I picked it up and brought it in out of the cold.
I wondered what it was.
It was to small to be a baby, to quiet to be a cat,
besides there are already 13 hanging around.
I set it on the table and started to open it up

I opened the blanket, and there was a note.



I opened the silver wrap, and imagine my surprise


AND WHO Left them and why?
So now I am incubating a clutch of two dozen alien eggs,
as if I did not have enough to do with a snake, a turtle, a bird ,
a bakers dozen of cats and 3 dozen fish.


Please call me if you have any answers