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Testing Skill and Speed in Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

About this Web Page
This little web page is supposed to give you practice in taking arithmetical tests. As of 2009-09-11-20-:23:49, there are no decimals, percentages or fractions involved. The only operations are addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (x) and division (/).
First of all, to use this little page, your browser should have javaScript enabled to run and update forms. You should adjust your browser settings so that the whole form, from "Perform this calculation…" down to "Create a Problem" is visible.
The form on this page is color coded, if your browser is CSS capable. The areas that contain the problem and multiple-choice answers are to the top and left. Your choice for level of difficulty is on the right. In the center is a text field which you can use as a scratch pad, if necessary.
Every time you click on one of the multiple-choice buttons , (there are twenty-seven of them, even if some of them are blank.) the text field and the insults bar below it will react. If your answer is incorrect, the problem will remain the same, but you get an insult on the insults bar . If you click the correct multiple-choice button , a or if you click the Create aProblem button, then a new problem appears on top, you are given new choices , and a compliment appears in the insults bar when you have clicked a correct answer.. The level of difficulty extends from answers that are less than ten to huge numbers, which few of us can calculate in our heads.
You can do timed tests using the buttons along the bottom to set the timer minutes, start the test and abort the test.
This is about making your brain wrap around the numbers, no one will laugh at you when you can't divide 547624112 by 28 (19558004) or divide 170337433917459200 by 291836799 (583673596) in your head, but it is good exercise to try.

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