1. Awareness of Joy
  2. Birds at Recess
  3. The Call Back
  4. A poem to commemorate dennis's road rash, broken rib, concussion and the bruising of his fourth cranial nerve
  5. Oakland Is Burning
  6. Finding Paul's Marker
  7. Freeway
  8. Carolton
  9. Grief in a Dry September
  10. A Headache on Tuesday, February 26, 2002
  11. heaven
  12. A Hillside Pond in the Rain
  13. Hoarder
  14. L.O.F. (In Her Door)
  15. Intersection
  16. Iporaõ 1960
  17. A Janitor on Hansen Way
  18. laundry
  19. Lucy in the Streets with Ashes
  20. The Man in Blue
  21. When the Morning Air was Cold
  22. Night Stand
  23. objectification
  24. (Quoting Emily Dickenson)
  25. Racoon Eyes
  26. Red Lips
  27. Reflections on a dislocation
  28. The Runway
  29. sails
  30. San Antonio Station, January 3, 2005, 4 Pm
  31. Scene Report
  32. Shark Teeth
  33. Prayer for an Old Woman
  34. Encounter in an Unfinished Room
  35. Y Sovendo Morréu com Raiva
  36. On the Strand
  37. Tethered
  38. Before the Beast
  39. The Ties that Bind
  40. Viewing Bald Eagles
  41. Voyeur
  42. What I Learned on Summer Vacation
  43. What I Learned on Summer Vacation
  44. Without You
  45. Love Poem to You Written on a Mountain
  46. Your Tongue is Soft and Your Teeth Slide in Easy


Reflections on an election

Frozen rain and snow
Three inches deep
Not only the house is white
But all the world
Is white and black and lovely.
White and black in hard edged curves
Cruelly describe all the flowerbeds
And frame the woods and Road
And box the creek.
Two shades have written all the world:
The blanketing sky;
Huge white field;
Narrow rock lined path.
All things are eventually stilled:
Leaves of oak, blades of fescue,
Embedded grains of slate and quartz
And one or two free floating snow flakes.
Yes the world is written in sharp exhaustive clarity
The treachery of this hardness is such
That to move or to stand
Is to feel the impending fall.

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    Stephen Riddle
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    Reflections on a dislocation
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    Reflections on an election
  10. Written
    January 2008

Stephen Riddle,
January 2008

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