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  35. Y Sovendo Morréu com Raiva
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  43. What I Learned on Summer Vacation
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How Sovendo Died of Rabies

Sovendo morréu, y Chico morréu y temos medo.
 	(Sovendo died and Chico died and we are afraid.)
Your carecca (your face) is a mask that flattens.
Each day when crianças, somente o en grupos
 	(children, alone or in groups
 	Are pilgrims)
   Peregrimos to see it,
It is changed.
This is how children deal with the transformations
After our familiar guardian angel se transformo en macumba
 	(Evolved into something voodoo).
Todo començó (it all started) when Sovendo bit Paul then Chico, the monkey.
Seu Berte, dona Marjorí y Paulo foi à Santa Fé
(Seu Berte, dona Marjorie and Paulo went to Santa Fé
And returned with the serum and instructions
Mas os vecinos chegaron com forcados y paus
 	(But the neighborhood came with pitchforks and sticks)
And saving barricaded brothers
Sacrificed you.
Then we dragged your corpo (your body) to this open pit
And we buried your sangre (your blood) with dust by the door
And every day your body changes
And we get our shots
And the pain nos salva, (the pain saves us) all
Except for the macaco (the monkey)
Who died in his gaiola (his cage)
As your mascara (your mask) flattens
And your body swells
Until it sinks away into itself.
The tabuado (the schedule) continues
For the kids and parents
Beyond when the monkey died.
This shows that our pain is necessary
Y doi mais y mais cada día
Até que choramos.
(It hurts more and more each day
 		Until we cry.)
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    Stephen Riddle
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    Y Sovendo Morréu com Raiva
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    How Sovendo Died of Rabies
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    May 2, 2002

Stephen Riddle,
May 2, 2002

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